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Here are a list of some of the workshops that have been offered by Crystal Blanton in the past at Conventions.  If you are interested in booking Crystal for an event, please contact her at


Circle Repair; Restorative practices in covens and circles
Description: Preventative work is important in any group but prevention does not always stop potentially damaging situations within a coven or group. Part of sustaining covens and groups is in our ability to repair what might be affected after a given situation. Restorative Justice is a system of conflict mediation that has been growing in popularity and use within justice systems, schools and other avenues. Join in learning restorative concepts and how to apply that to workings within a coven or group. Come prepared for discussion and ritual participation.

West side story Witches; how gang wars destroy community
Description: Any growing community can create fertile ground for dissension and misunderstandings. This will then become the soil that feeds what can develop into witch wars and destructive dynamics. Our ability to sustain the Pagan community will rely largely on our ability to work within the confines of budding dynamics in a community that is growing rapidly and often without a lot of resources. This workshop will discuss ways to identify potential situations that could cultivate issues within the community at large and potential solutions for resolution.

Mentoring Fundamentals: passing on the basics and beyond
Description: The fundamentals of mentoring derive from an understanding of sincere leadership and the responsibility of the role. Building your repertoire of skills in the basics of counseling techniques, communication styles and teaching skills can increase your effectiveness as a mentor. Whether a leader, mentor or an upcoming one; come and join us to learn and discuss skills that can add to your role in the community.

When Good Witches go Bad; group dynamics and conflict mediation
Description: As a continuation from last year’s Boundaries and Mentoring workshop, this year’s workshop addresses another topic that is imperative to the training and skill set of mentors and leaders within group dynamics. The job of a leader does not stop at craft basics but will continue into structuring and maintaining a productive atmosphere, especially during conflicts. Come join us in discussion around common situations and useful techniques.

Boundries and Mentoring: develop and assert effective boundaries
This workshop will look at ways to create and evaluate your boundaries and expectations for those you are working with. It would discuss the different types of boundaries, how and why boundaries are important in any working spiritual relationship, how they promote spiritual studies for self and others we work with. This workshop will also address the differences between boundaries and expectations with “traditional” ways of mentoring and distance mentoring

2008: (done with Covenant of the Goddess)
Pagan Clergy: Mandated Reporting
All Clergy members are mandated reporters for the government and have a duty to report suspected abuse to the proper authorities. Due to the wide variety of training within the Pagan clergy community, COG (Covenant of the Goddess) recognizes that many Pagan clergy members may not be aware or have received training of their legal responsibilities to report abuse. This presentation will address the responsibilities of clergy to report child abuse, elder abuse or adult abuse, as well as how to recognize the signs of abuse.

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