The writer, the witch, the poet

Finger tip to finger tip

A reminder of our interconnectedness, responsibility, and creation by Crystal Blanton (2009)

It is normal to see a group of witches in a circle around the altar, chanting various songs of praise on any given day throughout the year. The circle is a symbol that has encompassed much within the Wiccan belief system and has become a focal point of our faith.

As the chant says, “We are a circle within a circle, with no beginning and never ending.” In the circle witches relate to the connection we all have where no one is truly alone and all things affect one another. The spiritual symbolism of the circle crosses over to the many correlations we see in theories of sacred geometry, quantum physics, and even the concept of the web in a deck of tarot cards where the whole web is affected by the slightest touch.

It becomes important for all practitioners and spiritual people to see the significance within life that is paraded right before us. If we are pushing towards a stronger connection with deity so that we may live a better quality of life, it is imperative to understand the way that we affect each other and how we become the proverbial threads of existence in this time and in this place.

You may be thinking, “What does this mean?” All this talk of threads and circles may feel a bit like attempting to understand gibberish on a hot day. Here is a simple translation of this concept: whatever you do will directly affect others and will likely cause a chain of events that will create a vibration in the universe that changes the previously set outcome. As we all know, a vibration does not just affect one thing but it affects all things.

The interwoven layers of life become apparent in the way we are attached to each other and how things such as the economy, drugs, crime, and war affect the collective consciousness of a society. The impacts of these events are not just in the pocketbooks of the people but in the things that are unseen. The sadness and despair that reaches far beyond the battlefields or the inner cities sends a vibration that reaches every person like the touch of a fingertip to the fingertip of another person. The lingering feelings of touch, energy, memories, tactile senses, emotions, and longing will remain long after skin is separated and two people no longer have physical contact. With the smallest of body parts, two fingers touching can create a lasting shift of energy beyond our wildest imagination.

Most often this concept of interwoven connection is demonstrated in the family unit where one person’s choices inevitably affects the others. How often we forget that we are but one big family that is divided by time, distance, and circumstances, yet we are still from that of the ultimate parentage. Being descendants of the Great Mother and Father connect us to each other in ways we rarely discuss or consider. If we have this connection to one another–the interconnectedness of energy and that fingertip to fingertip shift–then how are we ever making decisions based on how it will affects us alone?

As in the ritual circle, what I do within the walls affects each person inside of the bubble. In addition, the changes I make inside of that circle will affect everyone outside of the circle by the manifestation of my thoughts and workings. In essence, people never get away from the responsibility of their spiritual brothers and sisters. I am absolutely my “brother’s keeper” as each and every person of the world is mine.

If we all were to consider this when thinking a negative thought, committing a crime, running the red light, giving up, walking away, casting a spell, or taking the “not in my backyard” approach to life, we might just realize that every backyard is our own backyard.

Wicca teaches us that everything is of energy and together we manifest reality. Spell work shows us that our will is powerful enough to create a push in the universe and change the energetic return, therefore creating a new reality or a new outcome. Like with the concept of the butterfly effect, nothing is an isolated event, and all people or things are affected by one another.

May you create a more positive existence with your workings for yourself and for the world. May your actions reflect the spiritual code that truly pushes much needed love into the vibrations of the universe. Above all else, know that your fingerprint is left on everything you touch and, fingertip to fingertip, we are creating a better world for us all. Make sure to point your finger wisely.