The writer, the witch, the poet

Blessing/Working for the Black Mother

From the depths of her soul she mourns

From the fear of her present she cries for the reality that she must hand to her child.

From the shadows of her experiences she gives the lessons of a mother who prepares her child for battle.

She is the carrier of hardship inside of a harsh world, the holder of the painful lessons, and the mother of the endangered.

She is the beginning of all life, and she is the the seeker of true justice.

She is the caregiver for the oppressor, and the trainer for the oppressed.

She is the warrioress stuck in the tower, unable to save her children from death.

She is mother

She is Black mother


She is the forgotten of the bereaved, while she holds the hands of those who dismiss her pain.

She holds the power of the universe, and harnesses the dark shadows of the world.

She is the magic of motherhood, and possesses the thighs often stolen for others pleasure while discarded for the perception of her ugliness.

She is mother

She is Black mother


She carries the pain of her lineage, and the hope of her visions.

She walks the floors of the bottom, and finds magic when there is nothing else left.

She bares the misfortune of the darkness of society, and passes the culture of survival to the next generation.

She is mother

She is Black mother

As she rises from the bottom once again, take a moment to breath in her name. Take a moment to acknowledge her need. Breath out words of strength, encouragement and magic to her. Speak them aloud into the circle….. (moment for people to call out into ritual space)

Let this energy reverberate into the world… We give it to the Black Madonna as she heals, encourages, protects, and strengthens the Black mothers in our society, and their children, so they can continue the fight to thrive in our communities and to touch a sense of equity in our world. May she be blessed as we all are blessed.

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