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Crystal Blanton

Check out the new blog post that gives details for the upcoming anthology with Immanion Press!!!  We are looking for minority pagan writers to add to the book!  See blog for details or email me at!


Welcome to the internet home for the writings of published author Crystal Blanton.  It has been a passion to write for the community to help enhance Pagans in their quest of spiritually living together.  On this site you will find information about who I am, my professional and spiritual experiences, some of my published information and newest updates on the upcoming book published by Megalithic/Immanion Press.


The site will also give updates as new and exciting things happen in my world of writing.

I am the Wiccan columnist for Timeless Spirit Online Magazine and the Modern Pagan Community Columnist for Celtic Whispers Ezine.  You can read my articles in both of these sources.  I am very honored to have the chance to write columns for both of these sources.

I would like to acknowledge some very special individuals as well who work tirelessly with me to make this possible.   Camenae deWelles is my editor/marketing expert and donates her time to making sure my projects are ready for publication.   Daina Coffey is also one of my editors, making sure my punctuation and grammar reflect my passion.  Angie M., my web extrordinaire who makes sure both of my sites are beautiful and ready for the public, she is also in the process of designing a new face for my blogspot blog.  Lydia Crabtree has been my mentor, friend, High Priestess and encourages me to write when I have given up.  Thanks to Marian for the inspiration of family even without DNA.  Marian is one of the longest and closest friends I have ever had and I just know we share the same genetic code.  I love her beyond understanding.  Thanks to my Coven sisters, Family coven and friends for the love and lessons, Delerian for the photos.  And of course my family for proving that the connection we share together is the true meaning of spirituality.

Crystal Blanton

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