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Reorganizing Life

Reorganizing Life

May 2, 2013

I have been working diligently over the last two weeks to reorganize and reprioritize my life so that it is more functional, and I am better able to reintegrate a daily spiritual practice into my routine. As life has continued to get busier and a bit crazier, there has been little time left (or sanity) to concentrate on much of anything else. The expectations are piling, life is demanding and then I go into production mode.

Often people have to switch into production mode in their lives, especially when things are overwhelmingly time consuming, there is little time left to take care of self. This is often a natural response to finding time to accomplish what is before us but it is actually one of the worst things we can do….. yet I do it all the time. Life doesn’t seem to slow down for me on the regular, so I have to rebalance in the pace of life as it is.

I am often the person that will sacrifice my own need for self care in lieu of production. If feels counterproductive to stop and take tie out for me when there is so much to do. But then I find that I am agitated more, unable to sleep, frustrated easier and feeling a bit depressed in the hustle and bustle of life. That does not suit me in the moment or long term.

So I have been focusing on releasing some of the energy, tasks, and ideas of perfection that I continue to hold onto so that I can find some sanity in the chaos. And so far it is really freeing. I have had several conversations, rejoined a gym, and started making decisions about scheduling housework and writing. I have also started to use the dish washer and the most important of all? I have started to meditate again….. nightly.

I found a nice 7 minute chakra tuning audio (also on youtube) that I am listening to nightly. I have realized that it makes a large difference in my sleep, in my thoughts and in my ability to reduce my stress. So I am going to continue.

And with that, I plan to bring more attention back to the website and write a little more as time allows. I have several writing projects and announcements coming up that are very exciting and I am looking forward to sharing….. right after I regain homeostasis.

Blessed Be

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