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Pantheacon Anxiety and Excitement

Pantheacon Anxiety and Excitement

Dec 18, 2012

Pantheacon 2013 is approaching fast and I am growing more anxious and yet excited with the upcoming event.  I have been notified that I will be participating in four workshops this year and that is truly a blessing!  I will be doing one restorative justice circle for community love, compassion and healing.  I will be participating in a ritual with several of the ladies from Shades of Faith, collaborating on a mulit-faceted approach to diversity.  I will also be one two panels this year, one with Immanion Press and one with the Pathoes Pagan portal authors.  It is going to be a busy year.

This year is shaping up to have a nice line up of events and rituals to attend as well.  I am excited about the schedule and the opportunity to spend time with incredible Pagans.

I am anxious about the continuous issue that has become the “hotel disaster”.  I am booked at an off site hotel room and split from the rest of my coven.  This is very challenging since we share food, transportation and resources every year.  We also planned to share daycare support for my coven sister’s baby and I was hoping to bring my son this year but can’t have him in a hotel room in another location while I am at the con late night.  That wouldn’t work.

So it leaves me frustrated and concerned with how to make this year fluid with all that I have to do and the additional complication of the Con.  Supplies for reporting and for my events will all be off site without easy access for effective teaching or reporting.  It is complex at best.

So while the date gets closer, the obstacles of coordinating leave me more anxious and overwhelmed.  I am hoping for a streamlined solution to the complicated planning and for a favorable outcome at the end. 

None the less, I am very excited for the chance to share my craft with others and to learn from others.  It is an amazing blessing to have an event every year where I can walk away feeling like I have gained just that.

And may it be so.


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