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Approaching the New Year

Approaching the New Year

Dec 8, 2012

This year has been full of travel and fun.  I have been honored as a presenter at several places, including Pantheacon, Pagan Spirit Gathering and Sacred Harvest Festival.  It amazes me how lucky I have been in meeting such incredible Pagans and seeing such awesomeness in this adventure.

The holiday season has reminded me, yet again, that gratefulness is a means to acknowledging the Gods for what I have and what I have yet to achieve.  I do feel like I have continued to walk a path that the God and Goddess have put before me, although I have not always known where it was headed.

The end of this year is closing and I have completed my travels for the year, finishing my last semester in my grad program and finishing the final production items before the release of the new book.  It is slated to come out in either late January or February.  I am very excited for this book.

Like with all the books, I get to explore different aspects of myself, my experience and my training.  This book that is about to come out really allowed me to explore the challenges of life and ways to move through those as a Pagan.  While I work with grief all day long in my job as a counselor, I also got to explore my personal process after losing my mother and put that into the writing.  I am very excited about the book and hope that it is a gift that helps someone else in his or her own process of transition.

Moving forward into the new year is bound to bring about new challenges, new adventures, new lessons and more opportunities for all of us, myself included.  I look forward to the many different ways that I can continue to grow and to also be a part of the Pagan community.

The coming year brings some travel.  Recently I was informed that the trip to South Africa was cancelled.  This is a huge disappointment for me but I know that the ways of the universe are mysterious and there must be a reason that I am not going to go.  I am comfortable with that.  The only anticipated travel on the calendar currently is a return trip to Minnesota and a potential trip to Salem for the COG Merry Meet in August.

Much attention will be focused this year on my Grad program in school at California State East Bay and finding a new balance that includes the demands that a master’s program can put on a person.  So far I am enjoying school, even with the lack of sleep and the high expectations.

So as the dark half of the year continues to become for prevalent, I will continue to reflect on the changes within my life and the balance I am searching for so that I can continue to pursue my dreams in the coming year.  I plan to write more for this site and be more present for many other things as well.  More to come.


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