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Deep Fried Blog Award Nomination

Deep Fried Blog Award Nomination

Sep 8, 2012

I was nominated for the Deep Friend Blog Award that is being done through Pagans of the Deep South.  This award is focused on blogs that promote or discuss issues that are important to those Pagans that are living in the South.  Although I am a Cali girl, my family and roots are in the South, thus allowing me to be nominated by Cam deWelles.  (

I am honored to have been considered and so I am going to go through the requirements that are posted on the original blog about this award.  (

Seven things about me that my readers might not know:

1.  I use to be in theater and was a flag girl in high school.  (I was one of a small amount of students chosen by the USA team to compete for a spot on the team when I was a senior.  I refused because I would have been on the road and would have left my senior year)

2.  I tap danced for an alternative Rock band called Impact when I was around 19-20.

3.  I am a reality TV show whore.  I watch everything from Jersey Shore to Basketball Wives.  (even use to watch Flavor Flav and Rock of Love).

4.  I do not drink alcohol even though I am not in recovery.  I made a commitment some time ago, in honor of our family values and my career as a AOD counselor, to live by the values in which I teach.

5.  I cannot watch scary movies.  I just can’t and have never been able to.  I hide, squirm, close my eyes and will even leave a room if I need to.

6.  I am a closet revolutionary.  I am fascinated by many of the people who fought for social equality and change in this country, including the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

7.  I have never broken a bone and I have had chicken pox several times.  (go figure!)


As for listing 3-5 blogs that exhibit Southern sensibilities that I would recommend…..

1. – Cam deWelles is an incredible writer and someone I have admired for a long time.  She talks about things I find of value to all Pagans and shows a sense of what it means to be a Pagan in the South.

2. Current National first officer of Covenant of the Goddess, living in Georgia.

3. A which in Georgia, member of Dogwood local council of Covenant of the Goddess and a wonderful person.

4.  And last but not least… I don’t know if it is fair to list this one so that is why I did it last and with three others.  I am a writer on this blog but one writer of several.  It addresses issues of race and diversity in Paganism…. issues that plague all Pagans and also those in the South where race tensions can still be high.

Special thanks to Pagans of the Deep South, Seba of and Cam of

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  1. This was AWESOME! I also got the pleasure of reading some new fab blogs, which is one of the intents of this award.

    Try to encourage your readers to follow through with the requirements, as I am picking a winner (although everyone who gets a nomination “won” and can display the badge on their sites) for the grand prize!

    Love ya!


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