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Leadership Begins and Ends with a Mirror

Leadership Begins and Ends with a Mirror

Aug 21, 2012

I am learning to trust the reflection in the mirror.  The very image that is reflected back to me and shows me all those things I want to see and the ones I don’t.  One of the hardest challenges I find that people struggle with around what it means to lead are some of the same ones I have had, I am no different.  The fears of growth are ones that many of us share, even if the circumstances are different.

This past weekend I went to the Covenant of the Goddess annual Merry Meet/Grand Council meeting and was able to see some things in live action.  I got to see a room of leaders leading.  It was not always pretty but it was a process of participating in action and being involved.  What I was able to see was a reflection of leadership and then my own reflection along side of it.

Somethings I do are different and somethings I do are the same but in the end leadership is about action in words, thoughts, beliefs and behavior.  I feel like I learned a lot and I was able to also show a bit of who I was as well.  I look forward to learning more and supporting community through hard work and dedication.

I am really beginning to understand how leadership starts with the reflection we see in the mirror and the choice we make to manifest action.  Hard learned lessons that I am still learning.

Standing with two leaders I respect, Peter Dybing and Jason Pitzl-Waters

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