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Midwest Adventures this Summer

Midwest Adventures this Summer

Aug 16, 2012

I returned yesterday from my most recent trip to the mid-west.  I have been blessed to go to Chicago for Pagan Spirit Gathering in June as one of their featured guests and then returned this week from a trip to the Sacred Harvest Festival (SHF).  I was blessed to be able to present three workshops there and be among the SHF family that I have come to love dearly.

What I have come to understand within the past year, and really within the last several months, is that I am so blessed to have a career that affords me the opportunity to travel and meet some of the most incredible Pagans.  I love the lessons that I learn and the ones I am able to teach.  The mutual learning opportunities that come out of the adventures I have embarked on have been incredible and I hope others feel the same from connecting with me.

Both Pagan Spirit Gathering and Sacred Harvest Festival have a strong community that is offered to each person that comes into the door, lending a sense of completion and support that is often missing from the mundane world.  The chance to teach, learn, sing, chant, pray, eat, laugh, cry and share ritual space is a list of gifts that I do not take lightly and feel lucky to have.

I was also able to take my family with me to Minnesota and offer them the excitement of Pagan community.  All the children and my husband had an incredible time bonding and connecting with those who were present.  Rituals, dancing and sweat lodges were the highlights.  My older son got to drum in the drum circle and was also awarded the honor of being the Guardian of the Festival for the coming year.  He gets to have the spear and carve his initials into it; taking it back next year for the next guardian.

I am so excited to continue the path and see where it will take me individually and as a family.  A stronger connection with community is always welcome and memories rooted in Goddess worship is a fabulous way to cultivate a healthy family and career.

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