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Pagan Parade and Festival 2011

Pagan Parade and Festival 2011

May 15, 2011

This years festival was wonderful in many ways.  It was the first year that I was able to be an author and have my book available to present to others. I had the pleasure of being at the festival from about 11:00am to about 4pm.  A large chunk of that time I was sitting at or around the author circle where I was able to talk to people and have great conversations.

I was not able to walk with CoG in the parade since I was at the station but saw it leave and return.  The parade looked great and the CoG members were a lively bunch that were full of life and fun.

Ms. Rabbit, HPs became the keeper of the light for 2011 and she was beautiful and radiant.  The ritual was awesome and since this year was the 10th Pagan Festival, many of the past keepers of the light were there for the ceremony to pass off the duty to Rabbit.

There were lots of vendors and lively music.  I saw lots of friends and associates that I don’t get to see often enough, and even got to take some pictures with a few.

Many thanks to the Pagan Alliance crew and all the volunteers for making this year happen and doing such a wonderful job of it.  I am looking forward to next year already.


  1. Crystal, Thank you for being part of the Festival. And thank you for your support with your articles and promotion. I would love to meet you for coffee. It seems I spend most of my time planning, promoting, and running events that I rarely have an opportunity to get to talk to many people.Hope we can talk. Blessings, Arlynne

  2. Crystal /

    Arlynne, thanks for all your hard work on the festival. I would love to chat sometime over coffee. We should make a point to do that. Blessings!!

  3. Eddie /

    I always wanted to go to these wiccan prides but I dont known when thy are.

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