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Book, Samhain and Mama’s birthday

The title is a direct reflection of the ups and downs of the past week.  While some things are wonderful, some things are hard and those things take a toll. I got the copies of my book this week that that was very exciting!  It is a trip to see your own book in its physical form, hold it and fan through the pages.  It feels like it became real when i got to hold the book, even though it still doesn’t totally feel real.  I don’t know when it will feel totally real but maybe it shouldn’t feel too real, it will motivate me to continue to write.

Samhain was wonderful!  I had a great time with the sisters of the coven.  we had a wonderful meal (compliments of my hubbie), we had a great ritual and genuinely spent some quality time together.  Jon put together the bonfire and we had a live fire on the patio and circled around that.  We had a really good (homemade) vegetarian spaghetti with whole wheat noodles, tri-tip, garlic bread, brownies, pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins, witch hat cakes, Kat’s homemade pumpkin juice and apple pomergranite sparkling cider.Yum!!
My mother’s message to me tonight was around me turning into her and I feel like I am.  I am sewing, doing lots of crafts, cleaning, cooking and being super mom.  She mentioned (in her message tonight) that I would not be able to do her fried chicken though.  Thanks Mom!
I miss her so much.  Tomorrow is her birthday and I am trying to stay in the present moment and not allow my grief to run too much.  She would want me to celebrate and not sit around sad on her bday.  So we have lots of things planned, fun to be had and I will honor her tomorrow.  I know she is alright, I felt it in ritual tonight.  I may not understand why she had to go, especially like she did, but I will continue to live as she would have wanted me to.
May your Samhain blessings be plentiful and may your witchy new year be full of promise, insight, happiness and hope.
Blessed Samhain,
Blessed Be.


  1. Robbin Ward /

    I’m so happy you have found peace Crystal.Congrats on your release!


  2. I did a double-take when I saw your title, wondering if someone had been peeking into my own journal!
    A few short months after my mother’s death and just prior to Samhain, my book was published and the hard copy arrived.
    It was a bittersweet moment in that she had just missed seeing my success – it would have been a lovely birthday/Samhain present for her. She was born Oct. 30th.
    I laughed at the message from your mom (even that sounded like my own!) but must disagree on one point: You WILL be able to do her fried chicken…eventually. Many blessings to you and congratulations on your success!

  3. Crystal /

    Lora, we have so much in common. It is nice to hear from someone who can relate so much with the experiences I have had this year. Thank you for taking the time to post on here, it made me smile. Send me your book link so I can post it as a resource for others.

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