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My 2015 In Pictures… A Reflection

My 2015 In Pictures… A Reflection

Dec 31, 2015

In an attempt to wrap up 2015, and to make room for amazing experiences in 2016, I figured I would look at some of the amazing things I have been able to experience and participate this year. It is always easier to forget the moments of excitement and growth that happen than those things that are harmful or sad.

This year has been a challenging one for many people, myself included. And so as a way to wrap up this year, I decided to pick out moments in each month for all of 2015 to capture the beauty and accomplishments I have had. This year was amazing in many ways….. And very harsh in others. But I am grateful for all the many moments of completion, excitement, accomplishment and celebration.


Bringing Race to the Table was released this month, and I got to guest priestess for a CAYA ritual (my first time doing so).

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All PantheaCon all month long…..

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So excited to meet Elaine Brown in March. That is one of the most awesome experiences!!

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My boy came through surgery like a champ…. And it was one of the biggest reliefs of my life! And went to a protest with these amazing folks…. (Only my afro made it into the selfie).

Oh!! And Lobby Days in Sacramento, representing Cal State East Bay, and with 1,000 other social workers lobbying at the State Capital.

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Busy and amazing month for me. I am still so honored to be the Keeper of the Light for the Pagan Alliance in 2015 and to have that amazing experience. I also was able to return to San Quentin with the social workers from my school and experience it as a social worker.

And finally my birthday!! And my hubby surprised me on a overnight trip on a boat in Sacramento. We went to a mystery dinner and then to a comedy show. It was amazing.

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Cal State Commencement for all of the Graduate and Doctorate level degrees for the whole university…. and a graduation party put on by my close friends. Amazing….. Lots of pics because there were a lot of things happening in this month.

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DISNEYLAND!! This was our family vacation for 2015 and I got to take all the kids, including my 22 year old and his girlfriend, to Anaheim for 4 days in the park. We even met Jon’s brother and his family there. It was exhausting, really hot and crowded…. and wonderful.

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Alabama….. My trip to reconnect with my mother’s family after not being in Alabama since I was 14 years old. I was there to see my aunt, who suddenly fell ill to a stroke, but ended up reuniting with my cousins and aunts. My aunt died a day after I returned home.

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Official Celebration of Achievement for Cal State Social Work 3 year program. I was honored enough to be one of the keynote speakers, and that was one of the most nerve-racking and yet amazing experiences I have ever had.

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Parliament of World’s Religions in October with four members from the Solar Cross Board and other friends. It was my first time at a Parliament, first time in Salt Lake City, and first time traveling with just friends like this.

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Thanksgiving, family, good food and tradition. That is what November was for me and is every year. One of the most important things I could do is to pass on my mother’s recipes and what she stood for to my own kids.

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Family, family, and more family. All things family that I could get in……

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What an amazing experience to revisit the year and look at all the incredible things, especially while so much is going wrong in the world. It was a exercise in mindfulness. I encourage everyone to do it!!

And thanks for going on this ride with me. I am grateful to the people in my life.

Blessed 2016 Everyone!! May we make magic once more.


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