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Keeper of the Light 2015

Keeper of the Light 2015

May 24, 2015

IMG_1605When I first heard about the Pagan Alliance bringing back the festival after several years, I was super excited. I have been going to the festival since I started walking this path… it was the first Pagan event I have ever gone to. It is amazing how much something can be missed when it is no longer happening, and that was the case for the Pagan Festival. After 10 years or more of going, to have it not happen was noticeable in my life.

When JoHanna told me that I had been nominated to be the Keeper of the Light for 2015, that was just icing on the cake!!! What an honor to be considered and chosen, it made me cry when she told me.

IMG_1818The built up to the festival was intense for me, and full of anxiety and excitement. The event came, and it was fantastic in every way. I got to build a justice altar that meant a lot to me, and I got to give a heartfelt speech that was hard to write and yet important to give. I appreciated a moment to speak of my mother’s influence on my concept of service, and to talk about the things that meant the most to me.

I am honored to be the Keeper of the Light for this year and hope to carry this honor with pride and grace.

IMG_1712Below are two videos. One includes my speech… although the camera was turned at the end (during the working) and so the video then goes sideways after my speech. The second video was captured by someone else and it is just of the working and song, a blessing for Black mothers.

In Service.

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  1. That is an excellent speech and working! Thanks so much for sharing this, and for doing all the work you do! Can’t wait until Thursday! :)

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