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PantheaCon 2015 Schedule

PantheaCon 2015 Schedule

Feb 3, 2015

This year is going to be a busy and fun year of great workshops. I am often asked which ones I will be participating in, so I thought I would post my official PantheaCon 2015 schedule. Hope to see everyone there!!


1:30 – The Good, The Bad, And the Blogging – Patheos Panel in the Caramel/Monterey rooms



1:30 – Turning the Wheel; Nurturing Young Leaders and Embracing Change – in the Oak room (Solar Cross)

(While I am not on this panel, Solar Cross Temple is supporting this panel and I will be there to support)

7:00 – Bringing Race to the Table – San Juan/San Carlos rooms (Immanion Press and Solar Cross)



3:30 – Honoring or Appropriation: What is the Difference? panel – Fir room (Solar Cross)

5:00 – 7:00 – Turning the Wheel meet and Greet in the POC suite on the second floor. (Solar Cross)

7:00 – How to write for Intermediate or Advanced Audiences –  Immanion Press Panel – in the San Jose room


* I have added a note on all the ones that are supported or sponsored by Solar Cross Temple.



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