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A Good Year Ahead

A Good Year Ahead

Jan 20, 2014

I have been considering what types of resolutions I want for the year, the powerful magic of seeing intention for 2014, and making a commitment to myself and to the Gods.

So this year I am have made a recommitment to myself around my health, both mental and physical. Since being in the Master’s program, I have not had the time or mental capacity to continue to go to the gym or meditate at the same rate that I was prior. So this year I am planning to change that and make some definite changes in my routine to accommodate a sounder mind and body.

I do believe that all things start from the foundation that we create, the foundation that starts from our spiritual core. What we manifest forward is created with our own energy, and so I must not allow my energy to become so run down and exhausted that I only manifest things that bring me the same.

So this year I am committing to an increased hyperawareness to my spiritual and physical needs by returning to the gym, increasing meditation and spiritual study time, spending some more quality time with my family, and scheduling my time a little bit differently. I seriously think that reading every night was one of the things I miss the most as my schedule got busier and busier. That is something I have already started to change as well, and I plan to continue that through the year.
I hope that everyone has geared up for a wonderful 2014, and plan to throw out the manifestation net far and wide. And please, let us all enjoy the ride.

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